15 Oct

The Buxton Blog

He was the last one out. Dressed not in race overalls but team kit, Romain Grosjean faced the press after the Japanese Grand Prix, another race in which he’d been involved in controversy and a first lap crash. The questions came at him thick and fast, and the Frenchman tried his best to maintain a level of calm, to look unflustered, unaffected. But as he stepped from camera to camera, the illusion dropped. His eyes moistened, the speed of his blinking increased, his voice wavered, as all the while he tried to bottle up the emotions trying to scream their way out. By the time he got to the Sky Sports crew, many fans reported that his interview was difficult to watch.

Romain Grosjean has been branded a “first lap nutcase” by Mark Webber. Sticks and stones, you may say, but accusations like that stick and they hurt. Especially when…

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